VTB Minority Shareholders Association

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
if you invested in ordinary shares or depository receipts of VTB (London Stock Exchange ticker: VTBR) during its IPO in May of 2007 and you would like to ensure that VTB management discharge the duty of care and loyalty to you as minority shareholders, you can join VTB Minority Shareholders Association in order to jointly protect your legitimate rights and interests. In the past, among other steps, the Association contacted the Chairman of VTB Board Mr.Koudrin and the Russian Government, bringing to their attention the necessity of decreasing VTB exсessive capital in order to restore Return-On-Equity ratio of the bank. You can find the links to the texts of the above mentioned letters at the bottom of this page(only in Russian).
Now, taking into account the turmoil in the financial markets and corresponding changes in the financial standing of VTB, the Association has many other areas of activities to protect your interests as VTB minority shareholders, one of the major tasks being the counteraction to dilution of your stakes.
To join the Association, you will need to provide the Association with two documents:
1. Your broker`s report (statement of your broker account) confirming your purchase of VTB ordinary shares or depository receipts;
2. Your application letter with your request to accept you to the Association. The application letter should contain your consent for the Chairman of the Association and other persons authorised by him to make public statements and undertake any other actions for and on behalf of you in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests as a VTB minority shareholder.
You can forward the above mentioned documents by fax:
+7(985)2548580 press "3"
or by email:

There are not any membership fees.

Your concerns, questions or valuable proposals regarding further actions of Association can be sent by email, fax or special contact form below.

Sincerely Yours,

Vladimir Sergeev
Executive Director of VTB Minority Shareholders Association

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